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    In order to improve the employees understanding and attention to personal health, protect the health during the busy work,on 1-2nd June company held annual health examination.QQ截图20170627095442.jpgQQ截图20170627095510.jpg
    Physical examination campaign was held by the human resources leading the table, filling in form, blood pressure, blood tests, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, chest X-ray examination, staffs are actively participate in each item.    Because some items are required to check fasting, all the staffs were not eating breakfast before physical examination, after the inspection, company had already prepared enough egg and bread , add the appropriate energy to help recover quickly, and have abundant energy to meet the coming work.QQ截图20170627095544.jpgQQ截图20170627095558.jpg   Physical examination fully reflects the company's health care for everyone, but also the embodiment of the company's core cultural values - "love" a manifestation. The body is the capital of the revolution, and only with a good body, employees can be with more healthy body into the future work and life.Here wish all the 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 colleagues: good health!