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YIWU 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 Optoelectronics CO.LTD expansion and new energy project, is one of the " Thirteenth five-year plan" major construction projects in Zhejiang YiWu. During the period of " Thirteenth five-year plan ", Zhejiang will invest in a number of major construction projects to enhance its capability of technological innovation, built the integrated traffic system, achieve the leading enterprises in industrial transformation and upgrading, improve the ecological environment and the public service level.QQ截图20170626115518.jpgFrom our foundation stone laying ceremony on May 18, 2016 to the plant completed caps, in the nearly half- year construction process, Zhejiang province, YiWu municipal party committee leadership also gave high attention.At 9 PM on November 10th, Vice governor li-ming liang of Zhejiang province in the company of  JinHua city and YiWu city leadership ChengQiuPing, guo-qiang shao, Mao Xianghong etc, came to our plant construction site investigation, understand of project construction condition & construction schedule in detail, etc., required to do the construction quickly, control the quality strictly, to strive for an early production.QQ截图20170626115525.jpg