Communication & Sharing


    On March 1st, 2017, Refond welcomed a group of new friends. They are the members of the 17th Refond College Elite Cadre Training Class. They just graduated, with a new attitude and outlook to join Refond the big family.QQ截图20170626163057.jpg
    In order to welcome the new members, the company held the opening ceremony for "the Elite Cadre Class".  Our CEO Mr John Wu  and CTO Mr Simon Pei made a welcome speech. And then the new members introduced themselves for better know each other and increased their feelings. QQ截图20170626163121.jpg
          To let interns into this big family as soon as possible, the company arranged a series of rich content for the intern training, communication and further deepened people's perception of the products of the company, company culture and understanding. Training are also carried out a series of rich and meaningful games, in test team cooperation ability and pleasure of body and mind.QQ截图20170626163233.jpg
    After three days training, the company organized a collective spring outing in Songshan lake, feel the natural beauty but also deepen the members understand each other.
        Then the new members began a two-month internship, I believe the Elite Cadre who have just graduated from school, they will get used to life in the workplace, I wish every one  Elite Cadre class members in Refond to have a perfect career start.QQ截图20170626163157.jpg