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       May is the season of all things growing, full of vigor, like our youth, vibrant; May, it is a clear harvest season. At 8:08 am of May 18, 2016, the Yiwu Mayor Lin Yi passionfully announced the Refond project started, and said the project would greatly enhance Refond’s scale and competitive strength, meanwhile, will play an important role on the transformation and upgrading of Yiwu manufacturing industry. Yiwu City leaders, Ge Guoqing, Wang Qingchi, Wang Xinfeng, Gong Youqun and chairman of the company Gong Weibin and President Wu Qiang attended the ceremony.QQ截图20170626162630.jpgMr. Gong, chairman of the company, said in the ceremony: As a Yiwu citizon, I am proud of the past achievements of Yiwu, and also willing to make a contribution to the future of Yiwu. With Yiwu citizon and its government support, Refond can play a leading role in LED Industry and commit to the project reached annua income of more than 4 billion.QQ截图20170626162639.jpg