With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, LED industry is developing in the direction of high quality, health and functionality. As an innovation leader in the photoelectric industry, Refond Optoelectronics has always adhered to the principle of technology leadership, actively responded to the national strategy, always took technology and innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, built a professional research and development team that dares to break through innovation, and cooperated deeply with well-known research institutions at home and abroad, continuously integrating advanced global resources to push the LED industry to develop in a high - end, differentiated and functional direction. According to the development trend of the market, Refond Optoelectronics has dug deep into customer demand, fully studied market behavior, formulated special new product development strategies, and developed a variety of new LED packaging products. 舍予.pngLighting |New product 
Product name: Sun Feelimage.png
Performance advantages:- The spectrum is continuously saturated, close to the solar spectrum.- Blue light hazard level: RG0;- Healthy lighting reduces damage to retina caused by blue light.Application market:Commercial offices, education and teaching, health care and other fields with high requirements for lighting quality can also provide customized lighting spectrum design. 

Product name: 4010图片1.pngPerformance advantages:- Shared 4014 support platform, SMT and 4014 seamless docking;- With a thicker PPA inner wall, the anti-break ability is improved.- The 4014 platform can reduce the thickness of the light guide plate and the cost of the whole lamp by reducing the luminous surface of the bowl cup.Application market: Panel light sources, fluorescent tubes and other indoor lighting fields舍予.pngdecorative illumination |New productProduct name: 2110image.png
Performance advantages:- The industry is used to decorate the minimum size of the soft lamp strip to meet the high-density requirements.- High mechanical strength, resistant to bending and not breaking;- It can be supplied in single Bin with good color consistency.Application market: Decorative lamp strips, industrial equipment, household appliances, automotive electronics and other fields. 舍予.png
Plant lightingProduct name: AL 2835image.pngimage.pngPerformance advantages:- Long life and stable light color;- High airtightness and corrosion resistance;- High reliability in high temperature and high humidity environment;- High energy efficiency;- All kinds of color lights and full spectrum white light in full color range are available for selection and can be customized according to needs.Application market: Plant factories, greenhouse lighting, tissue culture, seedling raising, refrigerator preservation, horticultural lighting, etc舍予.pngVehicle lighting
Product name: 3535 PLCC6image.png
Performance advantages:- The pre-installed OE market is dedicated to the 0.5W solution;- Six - pin design, two-way four-channel heat conduction, more balanced chip heat dissipation and long service life.- With the existing front-line brand scheme, the foot position can be seamlessly switched; Application market: Vehicle market; ( Day lights, turn lights, rear-end combination lights and map lights inside the car )
Product name: 2016image.pngPerformance advantages:- 1-3W full power coverage;- Ceramic fluorescent coating technology, no glue crack, “ zero” light decay;- Hot pressing eutectic technology, low void ratio and low thermal resistance;
Application market: Vehicle market; ( Daily lights, turn signals, fog lights, welcome projection lamp and map lights inside the car )舍予.pngFull color 
Product name: Outdoor 1212
image.pngPerformance advantages: - The world’s smallest distance outdoor display screen uses lamp bead products; - Industry leading, outdoor < P2.0 times for the first time. 
Application market: Outdoor full-color display screen, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting
Product name: Indoor 0606 image.png
Performance advantages:Industry leading, the first time in the household < P0.75 era;
Application market:Indoor full color display screen, interior decoration lighting 舍予.png
Product name: Thin 0603 ( 1.6 * 0.8 * 0.25 ) image.pngPerformance advantages:- The thickness dimension is ultra-thin 0.25 mm, which is convenient for thinning in various designs. - Stable reliability ( operating temperature range – -40°C to + 100 C ); - Seamless butt joints share a common 0603 pad.
Application market:Electronic equipment, film switches, buttons, medical equipment, hand-held devices, consumer products 
Product name: Flip 0603 image.pngPerformance advantages:- The height of the product is 0.25 mm, which is suitable for various thin designs. - Gold - free packaging; ( Other sizes are also available, such as 0402, 0201 packaged products ) Application market: Electronic equipment, film switches, buttons, medical equipment, hand-held devices, consumer products 舍予.pngCOB | NEW PRODUCT Product name: Dimming and tinting image.png- 2700 - 5700 K to adjust color temperature at will;
- Uniform color, no light spot, simple secondary optics;
- Flip - chip package has high reliability and high power density.
Application market: Commercial offices, smart home lighting, exhibition venues and other illuminated objects have changeable colors, requiring frequent changes in light source colors and color temperatures. 舍予.pngInfrared | new products Product name: 4335 Transmit and Receive image.pngimage.pngPerformance advantages:- Support patent design products support SMT front and side stickers; - Meet the requirements of MLS3 humidity sensitivity grade and the product performance is stable. - Special light type design, high radiation intensity. Application market: Touch interactive system, electronic equipment, safety system industrial automation 舍予.pngUV | New Products Product name: UVC4343image.pngPerformance advantages: Inorganic eutectic package, high airtightness, low light attenuation and long service life! Application market: Widely used in: Air / Water Disinfection Field! 舍予.pngBig backlight
Product name: SMC3030image.png
Performance advantages:- 3W high-power homogeneous package with high heat resistance and high air tightness; - Direct - down reduction lamp reduces the cost of high - power products, and the extreme direct - down scheme design. Application market: Direct - down TV set 舍予.png
In the future, Refond's professional R&D team will continue to innovate and break through, introducing more high - quality, healthy and functional LED light source products, and promoting the continuous innovation and development of LED industry while meeting the diversified needs of customers. (Refond Optoelectronics - a world-famous LED packaging supplier