龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 debuted at Electronica, and Automotive products became the focus!
image.pngThe 2018 Germany Munich Electronic Components Exhibition (Electronica 2018) was held at the New Munich Exhibition Center on November 13th. The exhibition gathered elites from all over the world, and 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 deputed with Automotive, UV, IR, Chip, RGB and Filament products! (Booth: B4.251) Focus | Automotive Productsimage.png
Automotive LED products are a special market, but with the development of the automotive lighting products, we believe the next five years will be the boost of the automotive LED. From 2006, 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 has been in the pre-installed market for bulk supply. Through self-construction, investment and acquisition, has completed the complete industrial layout of R & D, manufacturing and sales services for automotive led devices, modules, whole lamps and applications of vehicle lamps and lanterns, and it has won praises from OEMs like Hyundai, Kia Motors.At this exhibition, 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 showed a variety of automotive products and the latest application solutions. For automotive interior applications, we brought interior indicator series (mini 2014/3528/2835), which can customize solution according to the usage condition and design of different models; in exterior applications, we showed PLCC4/PLCC6/3030 series, our exterior products mainly focus on automotive taillights (brake lights / turn signals), daytime driving lights, license lights and other applications.image.pngAt this exhibition, automotive electronics products became the focus, and attracted many new and old customers.龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 Exhibition Tourimage.png
At the exhibition, UV products also showed newest deep ultraviolet sterilizing cup and air cleaner. The screen of the cup can be touched; the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%. UVC&UVA series products are our core series products of our UV department. The sterilization rate of UVC products is more than 99%, which is especially suitable for households such as air conditioners, humidifiers, disinfection cabinets, air purifiers, water cups, etc., as well as indoor sterilization. UVA lamp beads, COB and modules are widely used in the bonding and curing of lenses, coils, screens, earphones, fiber optic heads and precision components, as well as clothing, mobile phones, ceramic tiles, bar codes, labels, etc., in anti-counterfeiting, criminal investigation, There are more and more applications in fluorescence detection and non-destructive testing.
Chip LED: 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 brought a variety of Chip LEDs of different sizes and angles. The products are widely used in home appliances digital and industrial control equipment indicators, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, monitoring equipment, communication equipment and so on. We can provide full-color product solution that can range in size from 0201 to 1209 and from 0.25mm to 1.1mm.image.pngIR: 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 IR products are mainly used in security, touch-screen and intelligent sensing. We showed our new EMC3030 application on spot: Intelligent surveillance camera. We recommend EMC3535&3030 in security, whose power can reach 1-2W, 850-940nm wavelength, can be replaced by many straight and 2835,more efficient. In addition, no red burst solution, it can be developed with different angles; in the field of touch screen applications, the product can be supplied with 4335 launch tube and receiving tube, with positive and side-mounted processes, mainly used for educational machines; Intelligent sensing Chip led has different dimensions and angles. It is mainly used in the field of water meter and smart home.image.pngRGB: 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 showed a wide range of RGB led products of different sizes, including ultra-small spacing RGB 1515 series, also attracted the attention of many customers.In addition, 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 also demonstrated the flexible filament series. 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 flexible filament products have the advantages of 360° full-angle illumination, no blue light hazard, strong plasticity, etc. The products have a widely usage.image.pngThe customers are discussing cooperation matters on site.As the leader of the SMD LED industry, 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 products are recognized by many leading brands at home and abroad. In all fields of global first-line brands such as lighting, television, mobile phones, home appliances, automobiles, security, etc., 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载's light source devices are available. In the future, 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 will upholding the mission “Innovation enrich life”, focus on green lighting materials, integrate the global advanced resources and technology, continuous innovation and development, commit to become “the world's leading technology companies”.