image.pngRussian International Exhibition on Lighting and Building Technology was held at the Moscow Exhibition Center on November 6, 2018. Refond, as a world's leading LED light source supplier, displays a series of new items at the exhibition, including general lighting LED, module LED, horticulture lighting LED, COB, automotive LED, UV LED and etc. Of course, as the latest released product of human centric lighting, Sun Feel is displayed as well.image.pngSun Feel is a product about human centric lighting that is researched and developed by Refond Optoelectronics recently. On the basis of enriching product category, Refond is able to provide customized solutions according to customer’s “personality” requirements of health lighting fixtures. Refond is devoted to realize all kinds of package with different package size, power, color temperature and spectral requirements. In addition, Refond has the ability to provide customers with more professional and precise human lighting technology solutions. A great large number of customers are attracted by Sunfeel at the exhibition.image.pngIn recent years, the demand of lighting in Russian market has grown substantially. The high-efficacy 2835 and EMC series products are highlighted at the exhibition. Among them, 2835 for indoor lighting, whose efficacy is able to reach 210lm/W, because ultra-high efficacy products can achieve higher illumination with lower power consumption. And this is the reason why LED light source brings the value of environmental protection and energy saving. As for EMC3030, EMC5050 and SMC3030, their power is 1-5W. With the function of high consistency of color, pure color, low thermal resistance and high temperature resistance and can be applied to various harsh environments, they become the first choice for outdoor high-efficiency lighting. Besides, they meet the demand of 54000hrs testing.image.pngModule items are the focus of the exhibition like the items mentioned above. Refond exhibits a series of indoor and outdoor modules. With the features of high efficacy, lower price and excellent solution, indoor module is available as solutions. While outdoor module has the advantages of high efficacy and good heat dissipation. Its waterproof grade is IP68 and the warranty is up to three years.image.pngArtificial intelligence and horticulture lighting is increasingly developed nowadays. Due to it has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficacy and long service life, customized design, plant lighting source has gradually replaced traditional plant illumination, which is represented by sodium lamps. It is a popular industry chain in recent years. At this exhibition, Refond exhibits a variety of horticulture lighting products of different package, including 2835, 3030 and etc, which covers the major wavelength of plant LED, like 450nm, 660nm, 730nm. It also includes full spectrum series and customized spectrum products.image.pngIn the field of commercial lighting, Refond displays COB fresh light, COB full spectrum light, and COB small angle light. Besides, COB dimming light is exhibited as well. COB fresh light, with the characters of high heat resistance, low thermal resistance, high reliability, good consistency and full color temperature range coverage, perfectly presents the most realistic color of the items. It especially suits for commercial track lights, spotlights and downlights; COB full-spectrum lamp, on the one hand, presents the color of sunlight. On the other hand, it hasn’t  blue light hazard; With the advantages of high concentration, small angle light is suitable for spotlights and downlights in museums or other exhibition halls; Finally, The intelligent dimming COB lighting can be continuously modulated, which is fit for creating atmosphere and usually be used in smart home lighting, bars, restaurants.image.pngIn addition, the UV LED mainly exhibits UVC and UVA. UVC is especially suitable for household application, such as air conditioners, humidifiers, disinfection cabinets, air purifiers, water cups and some others. As the sterilization rate of UVC reaches 99%. UVA has a wide range of applications in bonding and curing of lenses, coils, screens, earphones, fiber optic heads and precision components, as well as printing for mobile phones, ceramic tiles, bar codes, labels and etc. Besides, it has been applied more and more frequently in the areas of anti-fake, criminal investigation, fluorescence detection and non-destructive testing.The automotive electronics exhibits these products. Mini 2014/3528/2835, which usually are applied to in-vehicle. Refond can provide solutions according to the conditions and design of different models; The exterior application displays PLCC4/PLCC6/3030, which mainly be used to car taillights (brake lights / turn lights), daytime running lights, license plate lights and etc. At the same time, we are going to design new items that can be applied to headlights and fog lights.image.pngAt the first day of exhibition, many new and old customers are fascinated by the new products of Refond.image.pngTo meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad, Refond Optoelectronics will always insist the principle of customer-centric and market-oriented, as well as will adhere to the principle of leading technology, and will constantly commit to research and develop new products in the future.