[Business Expanding] Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd. Signing Ceremony
The chairman of SHENZHEN 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 OPTOELECTRONICS CO LTD, Mr. Gong Weibing and the chairman of JinsungPrism Co., Ltd, Mr. Richard Park, met at 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 OPTOELECTRONICS SHENZHEN Headquarters and confirmed the establishment of Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd, and held a signing ceremony. Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd. will in charge of the promotions and sales of 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 products in Korean market (Expect Automotive products).
Mr. Gong Weibin, chairman of 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 OPTOELECTRONICS CO LTD and Mr. Richard Park , chairman of JinsungPrism Co., Ltd attended the signing ceremony.微信图片_201810241737292.jpgThe establishment of Refond Opto Korea, Co. has important strategic significance. The Korean subsidiary will further expand the share of 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 products in the Korean market and can meet the diversified demand of Korean customers for the led market and related electronic components market. In the future, 龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载_点击进入_龙8国际pt老虎机安卓客户端下载 OPTO will continue to enhance its brand influence, global distribution, accelerate the pace of overseas market expansion, and bring quality products to more customers.